Leadership and Human Capital Consulting


We offer a flexible range of development workshops. All of our workshops are developed around the following four principals:

  • Promotion of interactive learning.

  • Appreciation of people's different learning styles.

  • Relation of learning to business goals.

  • Relationship between leadership ability and organisational performance.

  • Topics covered by our workshops include, but are not limited to:

Team Leadership

This course gives leaders and an understanding of their own leadership styles and how to relate their preferred and other styles to the variety of leadership situations they will face.

Leading Change

Look at the theories and practical examples to give you some user friendly tools on how to manage in a changing organisation.

Group Interaction

This course can be used with either a live or simulated business issue. It will give participants a process to follow to develop outcomes and solutions more powerful than could have been developed by any one individual.

Conflict Resolution

This course gives people the skills and knowledge to help them understand and manage conflict to the benefit of all concerned.

Coaching and Giving Effective Feedback

This course gives participants some clear guidelines and a process to ensure they can both receive and give feedback positively.