Leadership and Human Capital Consulting


Leadership Coaching

We help managers become leaders.  We help them appreciate the value they can add as decision makers and motivators and not just as organisers and doers.  Leaders managers have different needs and different styles of developing.  Our individualLeadership Coaching is an effective development tool that provides participants with:

  •     an objective assessment of their existing performance,
  •     development activities to meet their unique needs,
  •     a process for using development plans to enhance their own and their organisations performance

Assessment and Development Centres

The most effective way to assess someone’s potential is to take them out of their everyday environment and put them into a simulated.  This allows us to measure their performance in a variety of situations that go beyond their existing role.  It also allows us the measure different people in exactly the same way which can make comparisons to identify high potential more reliable.  This gives us accurate information on which to make a decision and provides an excellent base from which to progress.

Benchmarking Surveys

Surveys are a valid and efficient way in which to assess various aspects of an organisations performance and compare results from one period to the next.  Well designed surveys can provide organisations with an excellent lead measure indicative of future performance issues.  We conduct a range of online surveys including: Bespoke and off the shelf Staff satisfaction Surveys Climate and Culture Surveys 360°, 180° and self assessment

360°, 180° and Self Assessment Tools

We can develop a new model to best suit your organisation and its needs or you can use one of our existing leadership models.  We have two leadership measurement frameworks, one designed for mid to senior leaders and the other for junior to mid leaders.    

Strategic Facilitation

Quiet often our clients have the answers to their strategic questions, they just need some help to think at a macro rather than a micro level and to think together more collaboratively to form big picture strategic objectives.  We run meetings and workshops to help our clients do this ranging from one hour through to two days. 

We work with our clients to help them define, communicate (implement), measure and review their strategic planning.