Leadership and Human Capital Consulting

Organisation Development

We describe Organisation Development as The ability of the organisation to achieve its objectives through collective efforts, values, cultures, vision and collaboration of its entire staff. 

We help our clients raise their level of performance by firstly helping them understand how their organisation development aligns with and supports the achievement of organisational objectives.  We help identify the gaps.  We then work with our clients to development and implement the best strategy to bring about organisation development and alignment.

Change Management

If an organisation doesn’t change then it will be passed by as the environment in which it operates evolves and changes.  We work with our clients and their leaders to: Identify opportunities and need for change Gaining buy and support for change Implementing change successfully and sustainably

Career Planning Programmes

A number of our clients have found that while they offer specific development opportunities for staff there is no co-ordinated effort to help staff manage their own development and careers. We design and implement programmes to align with and meet organisational as well as individual aspirations and objectives.  We believe all development should be aligned to meet both individual and organisational objectives, i.e. there must be mutual benefit to the relationship.

Succession Management

This is essential to the long term sustainability of any organisation.  We help our clients making sure our clients have the right leadership to take them where they need to go.  There are two elements of succession management.  Firstly making sure you know who your high potentials are and secondly how to develop them We work with our clients to identify the most relevant assessment criteria and the best assessment methodology to access that criteria. We then develop an appropriate range of development and recruitment actions to ensure our clients develop and maintain the best leadership ability to meet their needs.

Due Diligence

When acquiring another organisation it is essential to understand the ability of the senior leadership.  This will help indicate why change has or has not occurred and how this correlates with performance It will give you a good indication of how that team will integrate with your own team and how you can ensure you get the best of both.


Post Merger Acquisition Integration

Post merger or acquisition is a tumultuous time.  It requires the right sort of leadership to pull the new organisation together to become the sum of its parts.  This requires very positive and strategic leadership.  We help you identify your critical leaders and ensure they have and develop the right attributes to take the new entity and its people forward in a positive way for all.