Leadership and Human Capital Consulting


Boards – Ignore leadership at your own peril

A succinct article that highlights the role of the Board in understanding, recruiting, promoting and supporting the right leadership to address the unique challenges faced by their organisations. 

Finding your high potentials

Explores the increased significance of effective leadership in today’s operating environment and how organisations can make sure they have, and continue to have, the right leadership at the top and throughout the organisation.

Leading successful not for profits

Explores the differences between the profit and not profit sector and why leadership is more rather than less important in this environment.  It then explores what successful leadership looks like in a not for profit organisation.

Staff Rationalisation

This is an emotive and difficult aspect of business in today’s tough conditions. Done well it can contribute a stable and highly successful organisation well into the future.  Done poorly it can contribute to continued negative performance and an organisation characterised by a poisonous culture. 


ANAZAM Paper – A review of leadership behaviours and competencies

This academic paper was written for and presented at the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference in Auckland in 2009.

The purpose of this paper is to present a review of the literature relating to the leadership behaviours/competencies that differentiate highly successful business leaders from their average counterparts. It focuses on those high-level leadership behaviours/competencies that are deemed the key differentiating factors between high and mediocre performance.


Business Leadership Today – Strategic, Collaborative, Inspirational and Achievement orientated leadership

This series of four articles explores each of Schroder’s four quadrants of leadership. Specifically it reviews the value of each quadrant, what it looks like in the workplace and its ramifications.

Part 1 - Strategic Leadership

Part 2 - Collaborative Leadership

Part 3 - Inspirational Leadership

Part 4 - Achievement Leadership