Leadership and Human Capital Consulting

Welcome to Leading Change

Leading Change develops organisations by growing the leadership ability of their mid and senior managers. We help our clients understand the DNA of their leadership. We then compare this to the DNA they need to achieve their objectives. The key to our approach is aligning leadership ability and development with organisational needs. Organisations, regardless of industry, need to evolve and change with their environment. We believe, this should be instigated and driven by an organisation's leadership and not just left to the change management specialists.

About Us

Leading Change is a Melbourne based consultancy with a network of national and international consultants.  Simon Tedstone set up Leading Change in 2008 following 15 years working globally as a leadership and organisational development consultant for a broad range of blue chip clients including Lend Lease, NAB, ANZ, Merrill Lynch, Bayer, GSK and Sony Entertainment.  In 2007, Simon completed a thesis reviewing leadership competencies and behaviours most relevant in volatile and complex environments.  At the time, it was felt that operating environments were volatile and complex and this was therefore the most relevant way to review aspects of leadership.  Eighteen months later the GFC occurred making the findings of Simon's thesis even more relevant.

Our values...

....when working with clients are:

  • Best practice is not an excuse for a one size fits all approach

  • All interventions must address individual and organisational needs

  • Only take on projects where real value can be added

  • Be honest and transparent

Simon Tedstone, Director at Leading Change